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World of Warcraft Bulletin Board

22nd May, 2007. 2:54 pm. Rogue lvl 70 epic gear.(funky_tsaa)

Im selling my account in World of Warcraft.
Rogue lvl70:

Bank assets:
every weapon has a mongoose enchantment
about 1k gold
The start price is 1000 USD.
You can transfer money to my bank account or to my webmoney account.
Contact me for further information.
If you have any questions contact me via email alana.tsarazon@gmail.com or icq 312347104.
After receiving money to my account I will immediatelly send you the box/package with the game and keycodes to this account using expressmail insured package delivery service.

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28th September, 2006. 7:25 am. I need an invite...(bella_poetessa)

I am very interested in playing WoW and downloaded the client... Thats the good news... the bad news is I need an invite from someone so I can use the client. If I like WoW like I think I will I will be buying and upgrading my pre-view account and you will get a free month of game play just because I join! Please someone send me a game code...



and thank you!


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19th July, 2006. 1:15 pm. Tavern Competition(demoncuddles)


On the Emerald Dream Server, on July 25th, there will be a competition between the taverns...

Come one, come all, even if this is not your native server. We will welcome everyone! There will be good Arrpee and free booze!

For Details see our Event Posting!

A description of the players:

The Golden Tree: The largest, most exclusive high-class tavern in the Stormwind Park is tended by the gnome, Aldon, and supported by the noble House Blackstone, a fine guild of Lords and Ladies, the blue bloods and aristocracy of Emerald Dream, but leave all of your pets (whether demon or beast or tiny kitty) outside, make certain that you remain in a humanoid shape, and check your weapons at the door, or they'll not let you in. And even then, if they let you in, there's no guarantee that they'll talk to you, you low-bred plebian.

The Haunt: This tiny, dingy pub across the way from the famous Golden Tree has sawdust on the floor, and the mugs are a bit dusty, but the bartender, Elarken, is free with his beverages and doesn't care what sort of folk comes into his bar, as long as they come with an eye to drink and have fun, and provided that they clean up after their animals. There are no rules at this bar. It's patrons are everyone from the low-class, the poor, and the crass to the more fashionable sorts who, nevertheless, dislike restrictions and snobbery. The Haunt is supported by the Farstriders and the Veridian Watch.

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16th January, 2005. 6:53 pm. Thunderhooves Guild(krolain)

x-posted on blizzardwow, worldofwarcraft, [Bad username: wow_guilds"], wow_mmo and fursofwow

Thunderhoove guild is looking for any tauren of any level and skill to join our rank. We are currently located on the Bloodhoof server, where the population is low to medium. I have yet *knock on wood* seen the dialog asking me to wait to log in. It is a PvE server.

This guild is dedicated to helping all our Tauren brothers and sisters in the guild, to the best of our ability. Eventually, when we have enough high level members, we'll probably end up doing some raids. But only those interested can join in the raid, it's not a pre-requisite :-) Basically we just want a good friendly guild that help each other out. We currently have about 22 tauren members, but looking to increase our ranks.

This guild is very friendly, we do not discriminate, and there has been no leet speakers, and we will keep it that way :-) The only restriction to the guild is that you have to be Tauren.

If interested, you can speak to Lokan (guild master), or Stormbull, Aingus, Montaureau, Ursa or Ahrook. All can help you join the guild.

Current mood: geeky.

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10th January, 2005. 12:43 pm. Small role play guild of all female avatars(herbalgrrl)

Mainly Horde focus atm.
Experienced, friendly & polite players

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10th January, 2005. 12:31 pm. Cheesey Promo(crystal_fiire)

Servers, servers, everywhere. If you're confused about which one to join, Tichondrius is the way to go! Check out the Aeternus Guild if you ever need assistance.

Night Elf Warrior

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10th January, 2005. 12:10 am.(kenwalker)

Hello. Feel free to get started.

I have a level 13 Dark Elf Hunter on Malygos server. He's guildless. Anyone on there looking for some help?

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